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Cho Chang's Journal

Quidditch is Life

10/9/04 08:07 pm

I have started my intership in France. Nice place there. One of the girls I work with had a couple of friends that are doing their interships in the area so we are all sharing a flat. I love it here only problem is that I speak no French. :P I really wish that I listened to Marietta when she would tell me things that I knew would help me.

9/15/04 10:07 pm

This MediWitch stuff is going to drive me crazy! I have been told that I must go do an apprenticeship at the end of the year for a month and already all the spots at St.Mungo's have been taken. One of the girl's aunts works at a hospital in France and there are a few positions there that we can work at. I am going to Floo over there this weekend to see what it's like there. Hopefully it's a liveable environment. From what she told me there is a small house league Quidditch program finally I can take the broom out and fly around. It's starting to collect dust.

9/2/04 11:52 am

As I was eating breakfast this morning an owl swooped onto the kitchen table and had a letter addressed to me. I got accepted for MediWitch training! I knew that I did my best on the exams but was not sure that they would accept me.
Well what a relief now the wait is over.

8/20/04 11:13 pm

Well once again we have been attacked. What is this like the second time this year? Is Hogwarts no longer the safe haven it used to be? But then again our safe haven was destroyed during my third year here when there was kids being attacked that were not pure-blood. I am going home right after school is done and then I will return just so I can do my NEWTS. My parents probably wouldn't want me here anyways and the longer I stay the harder it will be to leave my housemates.

The year is almost over along with my many years at Hogwarts. It's going to be hard to go even though my parents are going to want me home hiding behind books so I can ace my NEWTS. (Honestly and truly I really don't want to go but if I don't they will obviously be here in the blink of an eye.)

R.I.P. Eloise Midgen. May she rest in peace.

6/4/04 10:37 pm

I can't believe it N.E.W.Ts are closer than I thought! I am studying. If I screw up the MediWitch or the proQuidditch career. (Even though the parents are against it)
Good luck on exams everyone.

5/23/04 09:27 pm

Just great exams are on the way. Just what I need. Then I get to go home. Well home after all of this. I really don't want to. Seriously. This is driving me insane. Is there anyone here that is good at Divination?Herbology?Potions? Anything?

I've put a dictating charm on my text and notebooks because I'm getting to lazy to read them again.

5/2/04 10:01 pm

Are we able to get weekend leave permission? I need to get out of here and be able to relax for once so I can continue to memorize the charms and spells that would require me to pass my NEWTS and finish my application for my MediWitch training. During the summer I have to go for a charms and spells exam for my acceptance. It's really not that far away making me a little nervous.

I can't believe that this is my last year. I really don't know what it's like going into the real world and being apart of it since I've been here so long.

4/23/04 08:09 am

It's so boring around here. I've studied and studied and studied and well you get the picture. I want/need/hope something fun will happen soon. Hogsmede weekend? Dance? Party? Sure we have exams coming up and NEWTS and OWLS for others but that doesn't mean that we can't have a good night of partying can it?

4/13/04 11:10 pm


I feel like the information in class is going in one ear and coming out the other. Not good. I feel that Quidditch is my only relief in the day and its only very little. And just think that this is my last year here. What shall I do after school is finished. I was thinking pro Quidditch but I'm not too sure about the security of that job. It's either that or a MediWizard. I can deal with icky situations.

Yawn...Sleep time.

4/5/04 11:50 pm

The dreams still don't go away. Nothing is helping. Nothing
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